Thursday, May 7, 2015

And The Winner Is...

Never late than never they say right? 

Well I thought people would appreciate the fact that just as mentioned at the onset of the Winter Fitness Challenge that the winner would receive a nice prize. That winner is determined by the individual who lost the biggest percentage of body weight - meaning that person had weighed in on Week 1, Week 6, and Week 12.

Without further ado...

The winner of the 2015 LIC YMCA Winter Fit Challenge is...

George Nelson!

George lost 9 lbs during the challenge, 1% BF, and from Week 6 to Week 12 dropped down his BMI from 29.9 to 29.0.

I want to congratulate George for his achievement and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 
He is the testament that constant work and focus can lead to obtainable results. 

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  1. Thanks James,You did a really good job on this website,so much information and encouragement through the last twelve weeks that i am sure will benefit me for years to come,and my best wishes for a healthy life to you and all the other people that took part in this winter fitness group,now that spring is here i can enjoy it a little lighter and healther.