Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Final Submission: Week 12

First of all, I would like to thank each and every individual who took part of the challenge.

It does not take any effort to remain at the bottom - it takes sacrifice, effort, and a level of determination to reach something that you want to dream of. For many, that dream may not have come as fast as they have wanted. For others, they might be satisfied. Personally, I do not want to dream but only imagine because dreams cannot physically materialize from the unconscious mind to reality. 

Hopefully I have enriched your minds with both education for an active & physical lifestyle. As individuals, we always learn. I passionately want to continue learning so that I can help others as I have helped you as well as my personal training clients. 

Summer is upon us and so I figuratively will ride off into the sunset knowing the help I provided was impactful and that many of you have a basis of education when it comes to being self-sufficient. 

If anyone wishes to continue their journey to become the strongest version of themselves, please feel free to contact me at either


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  1. Sun-30min lap swimming. Wed=20min core exercise, 30min threadmill, 15min bike, 15min elliptical, 20min lap swimming. Thur-30min threadmill, 12 week weigh-in, 15min elliptical,15min bike. Fri-20min core exercise,30min threadmill,15min bike, 15min elliptical 20min lap swimming. Sat-30min threadmill,20min bike,20min elliptical,30min lap swimming. Its been an important and rewarding,12 weeks for me,Thanks James.

  2. My last submission!! Mon: Running, 30 min, Thursday: Cardio strength class 1 hr (about 25 min cardio), Friday, running 40 min, Saturday, victory run with James!! about 40 - 45 min.