Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 3: Nutrition - Benefits of Lemon Water

PHOTO: Hollywood and wellness experts alike have embraced hot lemon water as a healthful way to start their days.

I'll be the first to acknowledge this, but whenever spring whether comes around, for some odd reason I have this urge for citrus. Typically I'll add in two slices of lemon into my water bottle and go along with my day with now refreshing water. I didn't think much of it until the second summer I had gone along with it. 

These two articles hit it on the spot with all the added benefits of lemon water. A-list celebrities go with it and if they say that they use it to start their day off, it cannot be that horrible. Lemon, among other citrus fruits, are known to have anti-oxidants. They fight off toxins in the body and leave you feeling fresh. 

According to, these are the included benefits:

  • Gives your immune system a boost
  • Aids digestion
  • Cleanses your system
  • Freshens your breath
  • Excellent source of potassium
  • Keeps your skin blemish-free
  • Helps you lose weight (fiber)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Gives you an energy boost
  • Helps cut out caffeine
  • Helps Viral Infections

If you haven't made a decision on what your first step to a "healthier you" should be, let this be that first easy step.

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