Saturday, February 21, 2015

Workout Submission Saturday - Week 2

Submission Saturday!

An example of a workout submission should look something like this:
Monday: Ellipical 25 minutes, Upright Bicycle 15 minutes
Tuesday: Spinning Group Ex Class
Wednesday: Took two stops off the train earlier than usual - walked
Thursday: Recumbent Bicycle 15 minutes, Step Express Group Ex Class
Friday: Swimming Laps 25 minutes

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  1. Tuesday - 1hr Masala Bhangra
    Thursday - 30min treadmill + 15 elliptical + 15 weights
    Sunday - 20 min treadmill + 45 min elliptical + 15min weights

  2. sunday: 30 minutes threadmill,20 minutes recumbent bicycle,15 minutes ellipical,20 minutes lap swimming.also the same routine on mon and fri,and practiced squats on friday...

  3. Hi everyone, I figured out how to put my strength/weight stuff into loseit so now I can just cut and paste! Trying to do legs and arms each at least twice a week.

    Monday: Elliptical (Vigorous), 30 Min
    Squats w/smith machine
    Arms, lifting with free weights
    Leg press
    Thursday: Elliptical (Vigorous), 35 Min
    Squats w/body bar
    Friday: Elliptical, with arm bands (Moderate) 40 Min
    Saturday:Elliptical (Very vigorous) 25 min