Monday, March 23, 2015

Winter Fitness Group Challenge - Week 7: MyPlate

We're making the turn to the second half of the program and I think it is about time that we revisited nutrition. However, this time around I want to see something from all of you.

MyPlate is by design a week where you have to submit a creation you made in the kitchen.Just one meal, one time. Create and share all the ingredients and steps you went through to put in your meal. This is not something that I want you to feel pressured by, but instead empowered. You've got the tools of change in your hand - don't forget that.

Get pumped in the kitchen
For this week, I would appreciate everyone to send in via email their creations (including ingredients, sizes, cooking steps etc) and a picture of their end result so I can go ahead and post it up on the blog for everyone to see and try out. I'll even get into the mix once this week as well.

Remember - this is not a week off, get back in the gym more motivated from week 6 and hit it hard!

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