Saturday, March 28, 2015

Workout Submission Saturday - Week 7

Submission Saturday!

Hopefully you've been inspired to share your MyPlate with everyone. Remember half the fight is in the kitchen. Here's a little tid-bit of information just to prove my point:

According to the November issue of the public Health Nutrition, people consume 200 more calories when they eat out as opposed to having home-cooked meals. Researchers also found that diners in both fast-food and sit-down restaurants upped their intake of saturated fat and sodium.

As for myself this week, while I couldn't make a cooking video of this creation: here it is - Chicken Pilaf. Now the way I did it was using a Tajikan recipe somewhat similar to what I found here. 
The only difference was that I used chicken thighs, had onion, and added in turmeric.
This took lots of time to prepare and cook, but all that work paid off to nearly five meals I could spread out throughout the week.

Now even though this week was dedicated to getting active in the kitchen, that's no excuse to stop getting work in and burning those calories. Share what you've done this week.
Share your submission today!
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Heads Up! Our Week 9 run over the 59th st Bridge is coming up. Ramp up the cardio and start getting prepared!


  1. I've been busy and have gotten on james' unreliable list!! But I have been working out:

    Monday: 40 min running
    Tuesday: 1 hour cardio/strength class (about 25 min cardio)
    Thursday: 1 hour cardio/strength class (about 25 min cardio)
    Friday: 30 min running

  2. Sun: 20min core exercise, 30min threadmill, 15min bike, 15min elliptical, 20min swim. Tues:20min core exercise, 30min threadmill, 20min bike, 20min elliptical, 1hr Aqua exercise class. Wed:15min core exercise, 30min threadmill, 20min elliptical,20min swim. Thur:30min threadmill 20min elliptical,,20min swim. Fri:30min threadmill,15min elliptical,15min bike, 20min swim. Sat:20min threadmill,20min swim.

  3. Louie: March 31, 2015

    Arm curls 4 sets
    Military press 4 sets Dips
    Pull ups 4 sets
    dumbbell curls 3 sets
    hanging knee raises


    leg press 4 sets
    dips 4 sets
    chin ups 4 sets
    calf raises
    peck deck
    bent over rows

    stiff legged dead lift 3 sets
    tricep kick backs 3 sets
    pull ups 4 sets
    dips 4 sets